Becoming a Teacher

You've decided you would like to become a teacher, but how can you be sure that this is the right route for you?


Get some experience in the classroom

It would be useful to get some voluntary teaching experience to make sure you have a better understanding of life in the classroom

You can do this in a number of ways 

1.The Department for Education operate a School Experience Programme  that offers you a taste of school life. There are many schools across the County that participate in this programme and you should be able to find somewhere local to you. You can register and book online.

2. You could contact a local school directly, as many will be very happy to accomodate you in gaining some classroom insight.People get in touch with their old school as they are often more receptive to accomodating ex-students.

3. Consider a volunteering option. If you volunteer at a local school it is often a great opportunity to gain experience of working with chidren. You could also try volunteering in a Youth Club or perhaps as Scout Leader.


Consider how strong your Subject Knowledge is

If your degree subject is not specifically related to your chosen subject, or there is a long period of time since you studied, it may be advisable to complete a Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course. Courses are available in Maths, Physics, Languages, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, English, Deisgn & Technology and primary Maths.

The length of these courses varies from 8 weeks to 28 weeks and you could be eligible for a tax-free bursary of £200 per week to support you during the course.