School Direct


School Direct (Salaried)

You will have the opportunity to earn a salary whilst training, learning from experienced teachers and mentors in a school-based setting.

Salary will be paid and taxed as an unqualified teacher, although this will vary from school to school and also dependent on subject.

Trainees on our salaried programmes are recruited by Fulston Manor School and employed directly by the school offering the placement. At the end of the course, successful trainees will gain Quaified Teacher Status (QTS)


School Direct (Non-Salaried)

On the non-salaried route, you will need to be self-funding for the duration of the training year. THere are three types of funding available for teacher training, and depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to recieve all three.

1. Tax-free bursary or scholarship - Tax-free funding is available in a range of subjects up to £28,000

2. Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loans - these are available for all subjects, regardless of qualification or subject

3. Extra Financial Support - this may be available to you if you're a parent, have an adult dependent or a disability