Vision, Ethos and Mission Statement

 Misson Statement

Our mission is to provide outstanding School-Based Initial Teacher Training (ITT) across the South East with a focus on the Swale and Canterbury region.

We aim to recruit, train and inspire the next generation of teachers to become the best practitioners, who are empowered to support and improve the life chances of young people.


CASTTA is committed to creating opportunities for collaboration, successfully sharing our specialisms, diversity, resources and passion for learning.

Our shared values for all stakeholders*:

  1. Aspiration for all

  2. A commitment to high quality

  3. Honesty and integrity in all aspects of all Partnerships

  4. Openness and Transparency across all Partnerships

  5. A commitment to a positive well being 

  6. Equality and fairness in all strands of our work

* Pupils, Trainee teachers, school staff, CASTTA staff, Partner staff