Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses

The National College for Teaching and Leadership funds SKE programmes in biology, checmistry, computing, design and technology, geography, languages, mathematics and physics.

NCTL recognise that some applicants may have the potential to become an outstanding teacher, but who need to increase their subject knowledge before the Teachers Standards can be met. An SKE programme can help before an ITT course begins, for example ;

  • You studied the subject to a highly advanced level, but over time have lost some of the basic skills needed to teach at secondary level
  • You studied a degree that's related to a subject, rather than an exact match for it
  • You recently graduated and studied a degree not related to the subject but have a related A Level
  • You changed career and may have an unrelated degree with substantial related knowledge including A Level
  • You have a language degree, but need a second langauge at an acceptable level for teaching in schools


SKE courses can vary in terms of duration, from an 8 week refresher or booster programme through to a 28 week programme and can be undertaken by trainees on a full-time or part-time basis.

All SKE programmes must be completed before qualified teacher status can be recommended and awarded.

The courses can be completed before, or alongside ITT courses. They can be offered online, through distance learning, face-to-face or a mixture of these approaches.

SKE funding is currently available for the SKE programme costs and training bursaries and is up to £200 per week for the duration of the programme.