National Leaders of Education / Governance

The STSA builds capacity for school support through the the use of NLE's (accredited Headteachers with a proven track record of school improvement). If you would like to request support from an NLE please use our support request form or email Rupert Prutton


Alan Brookes

Alan Brookes is the Headteacher at Fulston Manor School and the CEO of Fulston Manor Academies Trust. Having been designated an NLE in 4 years and he has successfully completed long and short term support across secondary schools in Kent.


Steven Connors

Steven has been a Headteacher since 1988 and is currently the Executive Headteacher of the Sheerness West Federation [Rose Street and  West Minster schools]on the Isle of Sheppey. He took his previous school, in Hertfordshire, to 'Outstanding' in 2009 and has been a National Leader of  Education  since 2011. 

 The range of  consultancy work in which he has been involved has  included secondment to a school in 'serious weaknesses' . He has also worked extensively on leadership development programmes for the National College and is currently an Associate of the Institute of Education, University of London. Part of his role is  organising NPQML and NPQSL programmes which are delivered at West Minster Primary,   he also facilitates the NPQH programme. Rose Street Primary is a National Support School [NSS] and is currently running an NPQH placement programme as well as developing a research and development brief.

 Steven has also been fortunate to work on school improvement programmes, mainly for the British Council, in Australia, China, the USA  Canada and Hungary, and was most recently the facilitator for the 'Connecting Classrooms' programme in Caracas Venezuela.  He has also worked with  schools in England in Ofsted categories ,particularly in the area of Leadership and Management development.