Training Facilitators

The STSA has a specialist team who will facilitate training for both accredited courses and also bespoke school needs, this training can range from improving classroom practice at a primary and secondary level, to the facilitation of planning for senior leadership teams within both primary and secondary schools. All facilitators have received acreditation from external organisations and have experience in the creation of courses for almost any purpose!

If you require the creation of training for your school, please see our "menu" of previous experience to see what we have done before, or contact Rupert Prutton


Name: Rupert Prutton

“ I have worked as Company Director for the STSA from the start, formulating and building capacity for the company to operate. I am an accredited National College Facilitator for the MLDP programme and have experience of adult learning facilitation across both the primary and secondary sector, specialising in Leadership and Management within schools. I have a strong believe in linking school based leadership directly to pupils in the classroom to ensure that they are making expected progress and enjoying learning”


Name: Karen Franks


Karen Franks has an outstanding track record of raising pupil standards in secondary school, her recent experience has allowed her to specialise in the Leadership and management across both primary and secondary schools. As an accredited National College facilitator Karen has also developed and delivered train the trainers courses for schools across Kent.


Name: Claire Williams

Claire Williams has a proven track record of raising pupil standards through Outstanding teaching, she is an accredited faciliator for the Improving Teacher / Outstanding Teacher programme as run by the Olevi group and the Every Lesson Counts programme . Claire is experienced in the delivery of both of these programmes, but has a great deal of experience in the creation of bespoke training programmes that impact directly on both primary and secondary classrooms across Swale.

Name: Susan Burden