Individual Schools

The use of Rhythm For Reading intervention to support a larger number of students to increase reading levels/ages. Training for a member of staff to deliver the programme into the future.  Previous use of this programme has show signigicant impact on large groups of students.The STSA is keen for schools to use this great programme and can facilitate the initial meeting with the company to get things moving.

Programme cost - £5,000 (Staff training included to allow for programme sustainability)


Support in Joining Pixl Primary

This will give a corner stone for intervention Yr 6, Yr 5 and HAP Yr 4.  The system gives a clear outline for identification of key marginal students and then creates a breakdown of criteria needed to reach expected progress that is supported with online resources and teacher resources for clear effective intervention.  The Pixl organisation will also allocate a critical friend who will visit the school and assist with the implementation of the scheme and work with the school to raise levels of progress for key marginal students. The STSA see's this as a great way to move students forward and make a whole schol leap towards a clear, structured method of academic intervention for years 5 and 6.

Cost - £3,000


Creation of a Writing Competition Across the School

This will engage students in writing to enhance a priority and also raise reading awareness across the school, this can then be copied into future years

Cost - £700 (breakdown - 1 day organisation £300, Prizes £400)


Creation of a 'Spelling Be' Competition Across the School

This will engage students in spelling to enhance a priority and also raise spelling awareness across the school, this can then be copied into future years.

Cost - £700 (breakdown - 1 day organisation £300, Prizes £400)


Engagement in Writing on School Trips

Use of a specalist secondary school teacher to play 'Ask the Expert' on a day trip and set the students literacy based tasks as a result of the day that is to be completed as a piece of work in school.

Cost - £600


Creative Opportunities for Lesson Planning

1 day of training by two facilitators for teaching staff on the creative opportunities for lesson planning,  To give confidence to staff to teach creative lessons that in turn engage all students - details of the day and content are devised in collaboration with the school.

Cost - £1000

Teaching and Learning

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching support provided for indicvidual staff - see our Associate Practioners section for specific staff.

Cost - £300 per day


Teaching and Learning Monitoring Programme

The programme will allow SLT to manipulate lesson obsservation/work scrutiny/pupil voice/staff voice in order to make informed decisions on CDP on offer across the year to address areas of need.  This allows for a day of support to up-skill and support staff to design a bespoke programme to the school.

Cost - £500


Improving Teaching / Every Lesson Counts Programme

using twilight sessions we can create and deliver an Improving Teaching Programme based on the Every Lesson Counds Programme, for as many staf as you wish to attend (this is often used for school collaborations for cost efficiency)

Cost - £1,800 for 4 Twilight Sessions


Support in the Introduction of Ipads Across the School

Including the purchase of Ipads for key staff to trial for Teaching and Learning purposes/intervention, Network support and Ipad training.

Cost -  £350 per Ipad, £300 for network support ( 1 day) and £300 (1 day) for Ipad training


Creation of Creative Maths Teaching Portfolio

The alliance will contract a maths specialist to generate a maths teaching ideas portfolio that categorieses the ideas within the New National Curriculum, each page will give a different creative idea that can be used by teaching staff on a day to day basis and springboard maths teaching ideas. 

Cost - £3,000


Staff Training on the Modelling of Best Practice for Mental Maths

We can organise 2 days training by an outstanding numeracy practitioner to demonstrate outstanding mental maths teaching that allows pupils to retain methematical information, creating a staff focus on sharing best mental maths practice across the school.

Cost - £600


Best Practice Day

We can organise and facilitate a Best Practice Day with optional sessions for staff around classroom practice. Aimed at getting staff teams talking and sharing best practice to make improve day to day teaching and learning.

Cost - £800 (breakdown, 2 trainers =£600, resources = £200)


Male Secondary School Teacher to Raise Boys Aspirations

A male member of staff from selected secondary school to deliver engaging exciting lessons to students with a link to the importance of writing within the lesson.

Cost - £300 per day


Behaviour Audit

The use of 'fresh eyes' to complete a behaviour audit across the school in order to determine an action plan to work on areas of development. This could be a current member of a school SLT or one of our SLE's.

Cost - £300 per day


Leadership and Management

School Based Leadership Training

A bespoke Leadership Training package that will run within school twilight times and introduce the generics of leadership that will lead onto the National College modular programme, devised and delivered by National College Facilitators. Topics and times are dependent on school need.

Cost - 5 twilights facilitated by 2 staff - £1,500


OFSTED Preparation Visit for Headteacher

To have an OFSTED inspector or Outstanding Headteacher with no previous awareness of the school to visit and critique the school through the 4 areas of the framework in order to help the Headteacher prepare for future inspections. 

Cost - £1,000 OFSTED Inspector or £300 Outstanding Headteacher


Headteacher Exchange Programme

3 exchance days with an Outstanding Headteacher from outside of the Swale area to discuss best practice and share ideas our of the normal context.

Cost - £900 for 3 days


Middle Leadership Twilights

4 twilight sessions on Middle Leadership looking at how they support other teaching staff and influence teaching and learning through leadership.

Cost - £1,300 (breakdown - £1,200 staff costs, £100 resources)