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Programme Dates

 All sessions will take place at Fulston Manor School, Brenchley Road, Sittingbourne, ME10 4EG from 4pm - 6pm.

Introduction Event 25th April 2016

This session will give you the overview of the programme and allow for all administration tasks to take place. Participants may find the Q & A part of this session particularly useful.

School Expectations and Up to Date policy information 3rd May 2016

This session will outline the current expecatation of education from the classroom to leadership.It will also will allow particpants to identify gaps in subject knowledge under the new subject curriculum.

Behaviour Management 10th May 2016

Proactive behaviour management remains the corner stone of classroom practice. This session will guide participants through practical stragegies that will add to their classroom toolkit.

Teaching for Progress 17th May 2016

Student progress is the single key element that classroom teachers are held accountable for. This session will outline ways of demonstrating and maximising progress.

Bring it together in Planning 24th May 2016

This session will be based on practical planning where we will bring all learning together to create a model for progress.

School Placements

School Placements will take place between 6th June and 1st July.

Recruitment Guidance 28th June 2016

As a conclusion to the programme we will talk about building applications and CV's for classroom teacher posts. We will also be looking at potential interview questions and how to structure your answers to remain focused on the impact on students.