Swale Teaching School Alliance FAQ's

Why should I join the Alliance?

The alliance isn't something to formally sign up to, by expressing an interest in what the Alliance is doing you will be invited to attend steering group meetings, run training that your school has strengths in or simply just look at the services on offer and buy into these as you wish.

Why is it called Swale Teaching School Alliance, when Fulston Manor is the teaching school?

Correct, Fulston Manor is the Teaching School, however The Swale Teaching School Alliance is a company formed from this and represents all schools within the Swale region, Fulston Manor holds accountability for the Alliance work, but doesn't steer actions or make any profit from courses / programmes

Is it a formal Alliance?

Absolutely not, the term Alliance is used by the NCSL and by engaging in Alliance activities simply means that you are working in partnership with the other schools within the alliance.

Who oversee's the Alliance activity?

There are 3 steering groups that guide that alliance activities, Secondary, Primary and infant - anyone is welcome to join these groups to suggest concepts that would benefit schools across Swale and get support from the alliance to run bespoke projects for others.

Who is the alliance answerable to?

The alliance holds quality assurance at the heart, to ensure that it's activities impact directly on the students and teachers in schools in the Swale area. Annually the NCSL will allocate another Teaching school headteacher to evaluate the STSA's activities to ensure they gal within guidelines - a copy of the Teaching School handbook is published on the NCSL web site.

As well as this a Governing body has been set up to evaluate alliance performance and be critical of activities in the interest of all schools involved. This body has representatives from CCCU, Fulston Manor School, Strategic Partners and KCC.

Who organises the STSA accounts?

Sharon Best is the named Managing Director in charge of Finances, an SLE who is highly qualified in the arrangements of financial concerns for Teaching schools, accounts wil be made public each year as any normal company.