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Minterne Junior School

Lead Primary School

The school motto is 'learning for a lifetime'. This has two meanings. Firstly, the school aims to equip children with the skills to become successful learners both at Minterne and when they move on to secondary school.  Secondly, the school hopes to enthuse children with a love of learning so that they continue as lifelong learners.

Built in 1964, Minterne Junior School serves a pleasant residential area on the south side of Sittingbourne.  The town and countryside are both accessible from the school.  There are just under 400 children on the roll.  The school is set on a spacious site.  There are twelve large classrooms and an attached Speech and Language unit.  The classrooms are well appointed and all have interactive whiteboards and internet access.  A new hall was opened in May 2011, giving the school a much needed flexible space.


Minterne Primary School